Ruho Design : present remnants

Ruho’s journey begins with objects discarded and presumably at the end of their life cycle. What is otherwise conceived as a final stage of a furniture, object or space is perceived by Ruho as a chance for a new beginning and a new design. Ruho is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Brooklyn founded in 2015 by architect/artist Natalia Roumelioti and structural engineer Odysseas Olysseou.

Whether the new fine objects are seen merely as pieces of art or functional furniture, Ruho’s mission is not to defend either, but to invite the audience and the user to decide through their own engagement and experience. Ruho’s belief is that the work itself aspires to be experienced and enjoyed on its own terms, and that the value lies as much in the process, as in the intricacy of the new objects that provide a memorable experience and presence.

Fired Dome
Earthed Dome

Over the last year Ruho has built a collection of furniture with a focus on timeless design and a sensitive eye to sustainable behavior. Reclaiming the lost value of an object entails rigorous exercise of hand-made craftsmanship via transformation, addition, subtraction and other operations such as bricolage. Ruho brings back life to remnants of discarded pieces of furniture and on occasions monumentalizes their presence in time & space with the use of concrete. Ruho’s commitment to handmade craftsmanship, genuine design and material sensibility is combined with a formal balance between minimalism and the wildly extravagant.


103° Light


Frayed Light

Natalia Roumelioti is an architect and artist living in NYC. She is the co-founder & creative director of Ruho Design. She is also the founder of NTILIT, a design studio dedicated to a passion of creating wearable sculptures. She studied architecture at NTUA of Athens, then she pursued a Master in Design/Space/Culture at the NTUA and later on a Master on Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University in NY.

Odysseas Olysseou is a structural engineer living in NYC. He is the co-founder & lead fabricator of Ruho Design. His working experience as a structural engineer has extended through a series of projects in the metropolitan area and abroad while working at Thornton Tomasetti. He studied Civil Engineering at the University of Thessaly and received a Master of Environmental Design of Cities & Buildings from the Hellenic Open University.

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Can T Lever


Braid Crevice

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Κράτα το

FALF : minimal Virtue

FALF Minimal Chic philosophy is structured on the pillar that all forms of art are connected to each other and function as one; colours, shapes, motion, music. The designer does not want to be confined to a superficial, outward and apparent expression of Greekness. Her aspiration is to approach different artistic movements as if it was a Doric study, divesting them of anything extraneous and intricate; a genuinely Greek virtue. The goal is to create clothes which extend further than current trends and reach the timeless beauty of minimal chic.

Falf Minimal Chic

In general, the designer’s inspiration is the conglomeration of images, experiences and favourite reads. It is based on the study of the history of clothing, textiles and garment industry, artistic movements, literature and cinematography. The current collection is titled ‘Dancing with abstract expressionism’ and attempts to marry forms and colours, that painters like Rothko and Willem de Kooning use, to Martha Graham’s ethereal motion. The designer wishes all these elements to be expressed in a rather subtle and wearable way, to be evoked and not hulk above a woman’s figure.

The brand FALF Minimal Chic entered the market officially in season FW 2016/2017. The designer, Eirini Roupakia, little had to do with fashion before. Everything started with a sewing machine, a crop top and a discussion with friends that kept bothering her about simplicity in style. Her approach was pure, a personal urge to realise the ideas that define her lifestyle, not only the way she dresses. Eirini graduated from the University of Ioannina in Archaeology and History of Art. She also studied interior design and decoration and took pattern-making classes. It was as if every choice led her footsteps, one at a time, to end up channelling the knowledge digested until then, to FALF Minimal Chic. Everything is being selected and manufactured by local industries and craftsmen.

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Credits: photography – Michael Koronis | model – Alexandra Sikioti (VN models) | make up – Xrysa Tsigara | styling – Antonis Spathas

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Bord de l’eau : Design factory

Bord de l’eau is a design studio, specializing in hand-made, premium-quality jewelry, furniture, and renovation services. The brand’s inspiration comes from the contrast between the natural and the industrial. The design philosophy attempts to recreate that contrast, which is reflected on both the materials used and the colors applied. Bord de l’eau combines unique design and exceptional craftsmanship with unrefined materials to deliver stylish products and spaces.


Mati is one of the brand’s most popular collections of lucky charms, believed to have the power to protect from jealousy and negative energy. They are made of bronze or aluminium, in a wide variety of colors and sizes.



Acme derives from a Greek word meaning the point at which something is at its best or most highly developed. After an entire year of painstaking work on design and fabrication, a brand new ring collection is presented, appropriately named Acme. The collection is inspired by geometric patterns and made entirely of silver and good old-fashioned craftsmanship.


Eclipse is the brand’s new earrings collection. In an abstract way, each piece of earring represents the unique bounds and correlations between nature primitives forms. The design is based on a postmodern type of shapes inspired by natural basic forms like stars, cycles, rectangles and triangles. They are made entirely of silver and bronze and their manufacturing process is gold and rhodium plated.

Yannis Gounaridis is a third-generation jewel craftsman carrying a long family tradition and updating it with a contemporary, minimal twist. He specializes in jewelry microsculpture using wood, metal and his trademark turquoise stone.

Bord de l’eau Design factory  at

Credits: (Acme – Eclipse) Photography – Christos Antoniou | (Mati) Photography – Senselens | Graphic design – Monoscopic

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Maria Sigma : handcrafted Heirloom

Inspired by the vivid colours of Greek nature and exceptional trousseaux -proikia- pieces of greek heritage, with a passion for re-inter-preting traditional craft techniques in a lively and contemporary way, Maria Sigma aims to create sustainable and Zero Waste textiles by using exclusively natural fibers. By emphasising on materials and texture, and removing any superfluous elements, her work pays close attention to usability and aiming at producing high-quality interior products designed to become timeless heirlooms.

On the Loom

Maria Sigma‘s approach to design is based on the idea of creating aesthetically engaging and functional textiles and objects via Zero Waste design and craftsmanship. Through a constructive, and continuous, dialogue with traditional craft techniques, the designer’s work aims at creating vibrant, but minimal, textiles that creatively interpret long-established techniques and styles yielding a vigorously contemporary and environmentally sustainable interlocutor.

The concept of textiles and production ethic reflect her dedication to Zero Waste design. Maria Sigma strives to decrease to the minimum yarn waste and unnecessary cuts, carbon footprints, the use of machinery, water and electric energy. By adhering to a Zero Waste philosophy, she aspires to make hand-weaving an even more sustainable craft. She exclusively uses natural, non-toxic, materials. She considers the environmental impact at every stage of the design and making process, as well as within her daily work environment and studio space, from designing to packaging and shipment. Sustainability, environment-friendly artefacts, and a harmonic human-productenvironment relationship are quintessential aspects of her work ethic and artistic philosophy.




Maria Sigma strongly believes that the importance of weaving must be highlighted, as it is constantly present, yet often left unnoticed. Fabrics reside in the everyday and inhabit almost every corner of a household; they create a boundary between us and nature, the culture of the body and the external world. They contribute in creating a sense of something familiar and beloved. The determinant role textiles play in our life, the power of colour, or the lack thereof, the achievement of high aesthetics through simplicity and the use of natural and sustainable materials, are the sources of inspiration and motivation. This is reflected in her work, which can be considered as the application of her approach to weaving and textiles creation.

Phaedra – Deucalion – Xenodice

Maria Sigma | Woven Textiles is an award-winning London based textile brand specialising in hand-weaving created in 2015. ‘Weaving is my way of putting the everyday chaos in order and make something honest and beautiful out of it.’ Maria after completing her studies in Textile Conservation in Greece she went on to complete a degree in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. She has most recently been a recipient of Cockpit Arts / ‘Clothworkers’ Award 2016 for the second year and set up her own Textile Design Studio.

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Digitaria : Tramontane purity

Tramontane is a classical name for a northern wind. it can also refer to anything seen as foreign, strange, or even barbarous. With Tramontane collection, Digitaria explores the serenity and purity of the human body and how these conditions are shaped, activated or disconnected, when attired. Clean, minimal and structured forms creating an architectural weight. In this collection colors are muted.


Digitaria, designed by Eleftheria Arapoglou is an innovative fashion label that offers bespoke tailoring and strong silhouettes that appeal to both men and women. It is a label known for its design with a style statement, merging wear ability with a high end appeal. Digitaria label holds a distinctive style that stands out for the cut, the shape and the attitude and represents the collaboration of creative thinking and a will to exchange ideas and interact with different creative partners.

Eleftheria Arapoglou has studied Fashion Design at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in London, graduated in 2001. In 2008 she launched Digitaria. The brand’s first collections were carried in London, and received wide recognition by media. Digitaria has frequently crossed its path outside the mainstream fashion world through its collaboratives with different artists for various art events, such as Athens Biennale (XYZ project), Kunsthalle Athena, Benaki museum, the Pallas Theatre and many more.

Tramontane purity at

Credits: Photography – Yiorgos Mavropoulos | Styling – Hara Kiri (Women) & Christina Sotiropoulou (Men) | Model – Verna Reini (D-Models) | Make up & Hair – Vivian Katt

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Odyssey of Nikē

Freedom, strength, new ideas, new beginning, collective
effort of all societies for prosperity and evolvent.

Odyssey by Marmarometry
A mini collection inspired by Odyssey,
one of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer.
The wings of ancient Greek statues of Erotas and Nike, the
boat of Odysseus, are the elements that have a different
meaning for every person.

Odyssey of Nikē at


Marmarometry Odyssey


Photography: Jorgos Makris

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Prosperous Animus | Moodboard

The moodboard draws inspiration from the Pomegranate that is smashed for Prosperous Animus. Good luck, prosperity, good health and longevity that are the best and most common wishes marking the first day of the New Year. Just before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the lights are shut down to say farewell to the previous year and welcome the new one full of promises and hope.

An ancient symbol of fertility, regeneration and prosperity, the pomegranate is hung on or above the doors throughout the 12 days of Christmas. Once the clock strikes twelve according to greek tradition, someone considered to be lucky and happy must roll the pomegranate against the door of the house to smash and reveal its red seeds as a sign of welcoming the New Year and breaking loose its positive prospects. The more seeds scattered on the floor, the luckier the year will be.

Best Wishes for a Prosperous New Year!

Contemporary Outfit

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Melissanthi Spei : Culture Hybrid

From the beginning the project ‘A long farewell to all my greatness’ was an exploration of the designer’s cultural roots. The designer Melissanthi Spei grew up in Greece, but it was only after she left that she came to appreciate these roots. Now comes the time, after living in the United Kingdom for almost a decade, to acknowledge the fact that her roots have been blended with others and now she is becoming a hybrid between cultures that overlap and try to overrule one another.

The idea behind this project came long before Melissanthi Spei‘s previous project Beautiful Is Just Another Degree of Terrible and gestated in her subconscious for many years until it materialised in 2016. It felt like the right to time to finally bring it to reality.

The title, ‘A long farewell to all my greatness’ a quotation from Henry VIII, by British national symbol William Shakespeare, shows that this mixture of cultures gives hope for something new while never forgetting the past. This was formed through a series of five neckpieces and three headpieces in black and gold shades, creating a very regal effect.

Materials used are a combination of handcrafted religious trims and industrially made rayon fringing. Different manufacturing processes all come together with handmade techniques. This project has been created with lots of recycled and leftover materials and only a few key materials were sourced from scratch. The main reason for this was that there was that I had absolutely no budget for this, only the need to create and evolve. This for me was also proof that artists can be resourceful with the smallest amount of materials, equipment and space as possible while still producing a very successful outcome. Everything was made by hand stitch after hand stitch, loop after loop, with lots of patience and lots of love and belief in the purpose.

Melissanthi Spei is a graduate from MA Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion. She previously studied Fashion Design for Industry at the School of Textiles and Design of Heriot Watt University and Art, Media and Design at University of Wales, Newport. Her greek heritage in combination with her creativity inspires her to create contemporary and sculptural garments. Part of her identity as a designer is to use industrial materials for something historical and old through the exploration of traditional arts and crafts and their projection to contemporary aesthetics. Her latest collection was presented among other graduates at Victoria House Basement during London Fashion Week and has been nominated as an Accessories Finalist for ITS International Talent Support 2013. She currently lives and works in London.

Culture Hybrid at

Credits: Photography – Nikk | Model – Karolina Bien (Ace Models) | Make up artist – Sissi Petropoulou (The Jaunties) | Hair stylist – Vagy Roka (The Jaunties)

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Tria etc : Artisans collective

Tria etc collaborates with talented artisans and artistic minds in Greece to create exclusive accessories and homeware, which masterfully merge tradition with innovation. The idea was born out of its three co-owners’ shared love of Greece and passion for all things authentic.

TRIA ETC  Ifigeneia

The Ifigeneia Collection of white-and-blue pillows was handmade for Tria etc by the young female students of the Rizarios Foundation’s Handcraft School in Monodendri. The School, located in Northern Greece, provides professional training in weaving and needlework on traditional hand-operated looms. The Ifigeneia Collection includes four different designs, all featuring traditional Greek embroidery motifs, that make a beautiful pillow set.


The elegant velvet and high-performance outdoor microfiber pillows of the Iris Collection were lovingly designed for Tria etc by Postfolk, pixel-by-pixel and with unmistakable attention to detail. The velvet style features either peacocks and mythical animals or a beautiful flower design seen in traditional Ionian tapestry. The outdoor style features a lucky eye available in a variety of colours. According to Greek tradition, lucky eyes protect one from being afflicted by bad energy. They are kept in obvious places or worn on clothes and jewellery.

Tria etc aspires to help revitalize the local artisan sector by encouraging artisans to evolve their craftsmanship and by raising the profile and visibility of both traditional and innovative Greek artisanship in the international marketspace. Traveling extensively around the country and connecting with both individuals and cooperatives, the Tria etc team never ceases to be impressed and inspired by artisans’ heartfelt passion and exceptional skillset.

Artisans collective at

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Sophia : design Philosophia

Inspired by the precious history of Greece and its concept of beauty, health, endurance, strength, victory and wisdom, and inspired by all those things that have remained constant, beautiful, authentic and true, through time, Sophia’s collections, ‘Eternity Today’ & ‘Philosophia’, consist of a diverse array of home accessories and cultural gifts from statuettes and cushions to tableware, stationary and mind games.

Sophia (Sophia σοφία, Greek for ‘wisdom’) is a brand, which strikes to evoke the authenticity of the Greek cultural heritage through unique items of modern design.

Eternity Today

‘Eternity Today’ combines art with design, eternity with modernity and the magic of timeless myths with the spirit of the 21st century. ‘Eternity Today’ is a collection created by Greek designer Alexandra, who founded Sophia, and her team, using a palette of beauty, emotion and character to design a truly original home collection where the precious classical heritage takes the shape of unique handmade objects. Collection’s creations are Golden Era messages, silently telling tales of beauty and nobility, power and wisdom, youth and hope, whispering us the wish to -Enjoy Thinking-.


Eternity Today

‘Philosophia’ is distinctive, bold and totally original, wearing its Greekness discreetly: words that need no translation -harmony, ecstasy, dialogue and utopia- find their way in tableware, deco and lifestyle items, fashion, wall art, and stationery and, in memory and dialogue games for added intellectual fun.  ‘Philosophia’ collection celebrates a lifestyle that’s relaxed and comfortable, savoring Sophia’s unique mix of functionality and substance, as it welcomes ideas, words and thoughtful play among its pleasures. Four new words that derive from the scientific vocabulary and have Greek origins have been added to the collection: psychology, psyche, psychotherapy and physiology.


Sophia – Enjoy Thinking – is a creative initiative that was born 3 years ago to present the beautiful side of Greece all over the world. This was achieved by showcasing collections in stores, concept stores and museum stores all over the world, such as the Maison Assouline and the British Museum in London, the Getty in Los Angeles and the Louvre in Paris. Sophia will take part this January in Maison & Objet Show in Paris for the sixth time, Top Drawer Show in London for the second time and Greek Brand New Show in Athens for the third time.

Sophia’s products are exclusively made in Greece to empower the local economy and strengthen the plagued community.

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