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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • ‘Il Duce Narrates’ | The first short animated film in Greece (1945)

    The Association of Greek Animation Artists (ASIFA Hellas) in cooperation with greekanimation.com celebrates 70 years of Greek creative animation. On the occasion of this event, we present the first short animated film in Greece (1945) – ‘Il Duce Narrates’, an anti-war short animated film by Stamatis Polenakis. The animator made the drafts in Sifnos island …

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  • The Karagiozis Project

    Deciding in times of democracy / What would Karagiozis say? What would Karagiozis do today? An American puppet maker and visual artist leads a group of translators, political people, curators, and culture makers, and teams up with a Karagiozis player to create a new performance that asks this question. In this 3-part installation, people use …

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  • Tourism Landscapes: Remaking Greece

    ‘Tourism Landscapes: Remaking Greece’ The Greek participation in the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia – Fundamentals – Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014 Curator: Rem Koolhaas | Commissioner – Curator: Yannis Aesopos ‘Tourism Landscapes: Remaking Greece’ explores the role of tourism as a vehicle of modernization of Greece through the emergence of constructed tourism …

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  • The Greek Souvenirs Revisited

      The winning projects of the Design Competition, conducted by the Archaeological Receipts Fund (TAP) in 2015, were announced following the exhibition held on Sunday, January 17 2016, under the ‘Design Athens 2’. View the results: here According to the tender notice of the TAP Design Competition , the main purpose was to promote new …

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  • Greek Brand New: A Glimpse at Greece’s new aesthetics

    A glimpse at Greece’s new aesthetic vision as seen through brands, products, designs and ideas presented by 36 young companies in the clothing, accessories, beachwear, designer objects & souvenir business. GREEK BRAND NEW is a one of a kind trade show. It was created by a group of young companies that have opened within the last …

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  • BEYOND DRESS CODES: Contemporary Fashion Designers in dialogue with Traditional Greek Costume

      Beyond Dress Codes demonstrates that traditional Greek costume should not be regarded as the antiquated contents of museum showcases, but instead a creation of timeless interest that continues to serve as a source of inspiration. The exhibition presents colored drawings of traditional Greek dress and headdresses from all over Greece by sketch artist Gisis …

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  • The Art of Making, Red Dress

    The Art of Making, Red Dress from Deep Green Sea on Vimeo. The Art of Fashion Design | Featured: Greek-Australian Fashion Designer Samantha Sotos Video credits: Deep Green Sea “Love what you do and believe in what you do” Samantha Sotos Samantha was born in Australia from Greek parents. She decided to fulfil her dream …

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  • GNTO-Vintage Poster 60’s

    Best posters promoting tourism in Greece from Greek National Tourism Organization / 1961 poster Greek National Tourism Organization  

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  • Marinière (Striped blouse) – Melina & Gaultier

    The Melina Mercouri Foundation invited internationally renowned fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier to create items inspired by Melina. The proceeds from the sale of these items will be made available exclusively to the Foundation to carry on its work. Gaultier used his signature blue and white stripes to create a marinière (striped blouse) and a …

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    The blue and white tin food container (tenekes) is an iconic everyday object. Used to store and transport olive oil and feta cheese, two of the most popular culinary goods of the country, its presence still adorns and services the Greek household. With Atlas Shopper, a tin and leather tote bag, STUDIOLAV turned this cult …

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