Aumorfia : archetypes of Linear_A

Linear_A speaks through a primal, original language based on strict lines and familiar geometric shapes without volume as the scratches of the letters on Phaistos Disc.

Linear_A builds upon Aumorfia’s characteristic geometry, putting emphasis on structure and shape. Slim leather stripes work as outlines in this archetypal geometric narration in the most minimal and fine way in an effort to highlight the most elegant and sophisticated side of this timeless and lively material.

Figures and frames drawn from art-deco, modern art and astronomy are shuffled and reordered to reflect the style of iconic characters of the Greek mythology. Designs attempt to symbolise the strength and the dynamics of mythological creatures, men, gods and warriors such as Minotaur, Persephone, Achilles, Athena, Hermes, Medea, Icarus. To emote the internal fight between light and erevos, flight and fall, life and death and the final symbiosis of all in their dramatic characters.

Therefore, Linear_A consists of two parts. The dark & mysterious one, in which the black leather stripes connect through rusty black nickel studs and the light & graceful, in which the nude beige blends with gold brass features. Feminine or masculine, all pieces of this collection adopt the personality of their owner, manipulate the movement of fabrics, transforming all garments to a statement outfit offering the freedom to release any aspect of the owner’s hidden god/goddess.

About Aumorfia |

Aumorfia is not an actual word, it’s a notion invented to convey the ‘space’ between the Greek words “οµορφιά” (beauty) and “αµορφία” (without shape). To enclose the beauty of an object that despite its strict geometrical character, keeps transforming, flows with the body and adopts a series of forms and shapes. Aumorfia’s items attempt to be something more than accessories, to be a part of the body, of human motion, an extension of clothes.

Aumorfia is a project of Theano Ravazoula-Potamianou, an interior and graphic designer with a deco-stylist background in interior design and lifestyle magazines and campaigns.

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Credits:  Photos – Vasilis Topouslidis | Hair & make up – Katerina Theofilopoulou
Styling – Aumorfia , Notis Sakoulas | Male model – Denis Karas (Ace Models),  Female model – Avery (D  model agency)


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