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Monthly Archives: May 2017

  • Ancient Greek Kridemnon

    Scarves inspired by the traditional flower motif of Skyros island found embroidered on local costumes. Optimism, perfectionism and love for the Greek element created Kridemnon and a fruitful cooperation has given it new wings to fly. Kridemnon x Ancient Greek Sandals The most impressive Skyrian embroideries are the ‘grafta’. Unlike the rest (white, gold or red embroideries) …

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  • Kridemnon : immortal Veil

    Kridemnon means headscarf in Ancient Greek; a divine piece of cloth belonging to goddess Ino that saves Odysseus and takes him from the island of Calypso to the land of Phaeaceans. Kridemnon also refers to the headscarf of Hecuba, who takes it from her head when she learns about the loss of Hector, her son. …

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