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Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • Lava Scapes | Moodboard

    The moodboard draws inspiration from Lava Scapes of Nisyros. The whole of the island Nisyros is made up of volcanic rock varying from famously hard black obsidian to very soft off-white pumice.  Some of the most spectacular features are lava pinnacles, thrust upwards during eruptions and sculpted into fascinating and weird shapes by gases exploding …

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  • Donkey paths in Chora

    Donkeys have played a very important role in Greece’s past and especially in insular Greece. Donkeys have been a reliable partner for transporting goods , as well as, the main means of personal transportation around the island until less than a century ago. The donkey has been used for carrying olives, grapes, and other domestic …

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  • Olympians of Karpathos | Moodboard

    The moodboard draws inspiration from Olympos of Karpathos. According to a local myth, the first inhabitants of the island loved their home so much that kidnapped the Olympian Gods from Mount Olympus and brought them to live with them to the highest mountain of Karpathos, named Olympus after them. Therefore they were called Arpathei (those [...] More  →
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