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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  • Herse: Mythical synthesis

    Love Stories in Greek Mythology and Pandora’s Box are the themes that inspired HERSE for this season’s silk scarves collections. Each HERSE artwork is an original vivid synthesis of elements drawn from masterpieces belonging to diverse artistic movements over the centuries. The artwork is imprinted using as a canvas garments of high quality luxurious fabrics. Every silk …

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  • Cityscapes: Thessaloniki | Moodboard

    October. This is the month when Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki, is blossomed through the cultural vibes of Dimitria Festival. This moodboard is a creative synthesis inspired by Thessaloniki history and cultural identity, imprinted in selected designers’ creations to complete your outfit and home style. The imposing bronze statue of Alexander the Great riding his faithful …

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