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Yearly Archives: 2019

  • The Artians Dyas Shop New Collection

    The Artians: Dyas elements

    The Artians Dyas collection explores the paths and symbols of Ancient Greece through their journey in Greek architectural classicism. The Artians Dyas SS19 Collection Born in the 1900s, this rhythm is characterized by the revelation of Ancient Greek elements brought in it with a deep knowledge of the ancient world. The Artians Dyas SS19 Collection …

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  • LoveGreece.com presents The Greek Designers | Interview

    ‘A creation, from architecture to product and fashion design, remains timeless as it comes up with a strong design concept and definitely Greece with a history of 3500 years is the leading storyteller on this.’   Discover the Concept Story behind the Creation of THE GREEK DESIGNERS®. The first curated online platform to promote globally products …

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  • New Season • New Collections

    Launching New Season Spring/ Summer ’19 with New Collections of Unique Identity. Our team curates THE GREEK DESIGNERS ® Official Concept Store  to deliver selected Greek Designers’ collections, distinguished for their bold design concept, architectural forms and high end aesthetics. CLON8 • Platho Collection CLON8 Spring Summer 2019 is inspired by the word ‘Platho’. The Greek verb ‘platho‘ which …

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  • MonTieu: Sculptural Attire

    monTieu is an edgy Greek brand that specializes in unique designs inspired by modernist European sculpture. Likewise, in the footsteps of Elsa Schiaparelli / Salvador Dali and Yves Saint Laurent/ Piet Mondrian, monTieu uses the plastic arts as a reference and furthermore aims at reinventing the concept of aesthetics in fashion design. A winning combination of …

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  • Cyclades Silk Scarves 2019 Collection

    Cyclades: Mythical iD-entities

    Cyclades Silk Scarves 2019 Collection draws its inspiration from ancient Greek art, nature and Mythology to create timeless luxury silk scarves and fashion accessories that have a mythical character. SHOP Cyclades Silk Scarves 2019 Collection Geometrical shapes, human figures, ancient gods and elements from Greek history are transformed into wearable art pieces. This creates a …

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  • CLON8 : Platho ƒórmes

    CLON8 Spring Summer 2019 is inspired by the word ‘Platho’. The Greek verb ‘platho‘ which means ‘to mould’ or ‘to give form’ is the root of the word ‘Plastic’. Thus, from a broader aspect, we are surrounded by plastic both directly and metaphorically, we shape, define and give form to everything, not merely around us …

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  • Aphrodite In The Spotlight | Moodboard

    The moodboard is a creative synthesis inspired by Aphrodite, the ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty. The undisputed model of female beauty remains timeless through the masterpiece Aphrodite of Milos also known as Venus de Milo.  Aphrodite of Milos, also known as Venus De Milo | One of the most famous Greek statues of the Hellenistic period, …

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  • Winterscapes: Kastoria | Moodboard

    The moodboard is a creative synthesis inspired by the city of Kastoria in Western Macedonia, Greece, and its long fur tradition, counting more than 500 years. Surrounded by the high Pindus Mountains, the streets and countless steps cling to the thin stem of a mushroom-shaped peninsula that nearly bisects a large lake, Lake Orestiada which was …

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