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Monthly Archives: July 2019

  • Postfolk: Summer motifs

    Postfolk effectively expresses its DNA in its name, post such as after, folk like the abreviation of folklore. When design is re-imagining Greek art and its folkloric motifs, the past revives in a current and modern collection of digitally handcrafted beach accessories. Postfolk Luxury Beach Accessories Greek female figures, warrior, ancestral or floral archetypal motifs, the drawings …

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  • Meet The Cat: Unfold space

    Meticulously worked, with a precision in the detail, Meet The Cat Unfold collection is an attempt to answer the question of how inner space alters the shape and essence of something. Inspired by Greek mythology and architecture, the brand prefers to focus on the world of geometry, perfect shapes and play with circles, semicircles, lines. MEET THE CAT …

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