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  • LoveGreece.com presents The Greek Designers | Interview

    LoveGreece.com presents The Greek Designers | Interview

    ‘A creation, from architecture to product and fashion design, remains timeless as it comes up with a strong design concept and definitely Greece with a history of 3500 years is the leading storyteller on this.’   Discover the Concept Story behind the Creation of THE GREEK DESIGNERS®. The first curated online platform to promote globally products …

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  • Atlas by Etihad: Ode to a Grecian autumn

    We are honored that The Greek Designers ® is featured in September’s Tribute to Greece on the awarded in-flight magazine Atlas by Etihad Airways. ‘There is no better way to enjoy the languid rhythm of Greek island life than to visit once the summer season is coming to a close. The weather is still balmy, the scenery still …

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