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LOMMER EvaOri Black Crossbody Bag


Minimal unique crossboby bag, made out of one solid piece of E.V.A foam with rubber combined with nylon seatbelt strap in variable colors. There is a leather detail.

The material E.V.A. is a lightweight, durable, recyclable, waterproof and soft polymer foam.

Dimensions: 30cm (L) X 23cm (H) X 10cm (W)


Lommer EvaOri Blue Crossbody Bag was named after the Japanese word ‘ori’, that means fold, due to the unique folds that create its shape. The rectangle metallic component at the end of each strap, which was a design inspired by the Montgomery buttons, helps you change the straps easily, according to your color preference.

EvaFamily is a collection of several bags made of a material, that Lommer’s team developed, which consists of E.V.A. foam and rubber. E.V.A. is a lightweight, durable, recyclable, waterproof and soft polymer foam. Every bag that belongs to EvaFamily can easily be cleaned with a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent do not hesitate to also use soap with water.

What defines Lommer EvaFamily collection is that the bags are not produced by sewing the pieces together, but by assembling them with snap buttons. This way some extra features in products are created and these result in some unique, unexpected forms. Every user creates a new ‘molecular’ experience by interacting with the design process. Users get initiated to a unique experience by assembling a Lommer bag and choosing different elements to interact and shape different style combinations, based on their requirements.

Weight0.240 kg
Dimensions30 × 23 × 10 cm
Strap Color

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