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ARTPECKERS Aeolus (Blue) Scuba Bag


Scuba pouch with digital printing from the Odyssey series
Blue & White
Size: 51 x 45 cm
Soft inside filling

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Artpeckers Aeolus Scuba Bag belongs to the Odyssey collection, a series of statement prints accessories, inspired by Odysseus’ adventures narrated by Homer. Aeolus, god of winds. After staying for a month at the island of Aeolia, Aeolus secretly gave to Odusseus a bag containing every wind on earth to have a safe trip back to his home and instructed him to open it only when they had arrived in Ithaca. During the journey, his crew jumped to the opportunity to open the bag, thinking that it was full of gold. His symbol in Odyssey collection is the bag of winds.
“ἀσκὸν μὲν λῦσαν, ἄνεμοι δ᾿ ἐκ πάντες ὄρουσαν.
τοὺς δ᾿ αἶψ᾿ ἁρπάξασα φέρεν πόντονδε θύελλα
κλαίοντας, γαίης ἄπο πατρίδος.”
Ομήρου Οδύσσεια (ραψωδία κ’, στ.47-49)
Aeolus Scuba Bag features a waterproof lining inside (Oxford jacket fabric, nylon-polyamid) and inside soft filling. Comes with a cotton strap and blue bony zipper. Wash gently with lukewarm water and a gentle detergent (avoid using any softener that may remove waterproofing quality).
Odyssey collection is inspired by Odysseus’ adventures during his journey back to his homeland, Ithaka. Handmade in Greece, ready to travel the world with Odysseus’ raft, keeping all the winds in Aeolus bag and under Sirens’ melody. Artpeckers main goal is to spread the Greek heritage and mythology all over the world, using contemporary design language. Geometric shapes and patterns give abstract forms to stories inspired by Greek mythology, tales & customs. Artpeckers design their creations with zeal and devotion bringing Greek stories in life and share them with people who already love them or are willing to.

Dimensions51 × 45 cm


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