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GRACIOUS GREECE Mermaid Design Object


Double sided
Plexiglass design object
Screenprinted & hand polished
Dimensions 10 x 16 x 2.3 cm

Gracious Greece Mermaid Design Object is inspired by the legend of Thessalonike, the daughter of king Philip II of Macedon and half sister of Alexander The Great. According to the popular Greek legend, when Alexander died his grief-stricken sister attempted to end her life by jumping into the sea. Instead of drowning, however, she became a mermaid passing judgment on mariners throughout the centuries and across the seven seas. To the sailors who encountered her she would always pose the same question: ‘Is Alexander the king alive?’, to which the correct answer would be ‘He lives and reigns and conquers the world’. Given this answer she would allow the ship and her crew to sail safely away in calm seas. Any other answer would transform her into the raging Gorgon, bent on sending the ship and every sailor on board to the bottom.

Values like kindness, honor, charm, are established in all forms of its culture, from ancient years, till tradition and modern art. Inspired by Greece’s heritage and everyday light, Gracious Greece created high quality useful art objects, that at a first glance, they transmit simplicity and values, from this little place of earth.

Dimensions10 × 2.3 × 16 cm

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