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FEY PAPANIKOU Amphitheater Silverplated Pendant


Minimal Design Pendant from the Amphitheater Collection
Inspired by the floor plan of the ancient Greek theater.

Silver Plated Brass and Silver 925 chain
The diameter of the circle is 9 cm and the chain is about 45 cm.

Fey Papanikou Amphitheater Silverplated Pendant is part of Amphitheater collection; inspired by the top view of the ancient Greek theater and conceived as a connection of architecture and jewelry art. The basic parts of it such as the orchestra and cavea (stairs, cunei) kept intact, create a unit that is repeated and involved in a brooch, necklace, ring or earrings. It is placed on the body sometimes conventionally and sometimes subversively to be adjusted to the human scale. This collection is comprised of ancient Greek elements and modern design, leading to an elegant result with subsistence even if basic design rules are not discrete by the observer.

The design of each collection starts with the human body as a leading factor. Basic geometrical shapes are combined and repeated, creating a variety of motifs from which the final shape will occur. Influences by minimalist architecture, lines and elements that we meet in the natural or artificial environment, by changing their scale, could trigger the beginning of a work or a complete series. By noticing how the shape touches the human body and moves along it, Fey Papanikou leads to either dynamic, strict and linear shapes with the intention to emphasize on the characteristics, or to smooth, round and calm shapes that follow the body’s geometry and consort with it.

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