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CYCLADES Silk Scarf Midas Turquoise

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This stunning and extremely chic Cyclades silk scarf is inspired by the royal house of Phrygia and the famous king Midas who was known for his ‘golden touch’.

100% Silk Twill
Hand rolled
90 x 90 cm or Pocket square 45 x 45 cm


Cyclades Silk Scarf Midas Turquoise is inspired by the royal house of Phrygia and the famous king Midas who was known for his ‘golden touch’. According to Aristotle, legend held that Midas died of starvation as a result of his ‘vain prayer’ for the gold touch. Cyclades Silk Scarf Midas Turquoise is hand rolled, made of 100% silk twill. Dry clean only. Wear this timeless accessory as a top, headscarf, necklace, hair bandana, hair accessory, belt or even as a necklace. A very elegant choice which is very easy to match with anything.
The Cyclades name derives from a group of islands in the Aegean sea forming a circle (Cyclos) around the sacred island of Delos. Cyclades draws its inspiration from ancient art, nature and Mythology to create timeless luxury silk scarves and fashion accessories that have a mythical character. Geometrical shapes, human figures, ancient gods and elements from Greek history are transformed into wearable art pieces. This creates a blend of luxury and elegance that promotes the beauty and creativity of the Greek heritage.
Cyclades was founded in 2017 by designer and third generation artist Leto Lama. The scarves combine the designers passion for fashion, quality and art to create beautiful pieces inspired from nature, culture, history and Greece. Cyclades name originated in 1948 as Leto’s grandmother Gianna Persaki, was one of the first abstract woman painters and a great ceramist in Greece, marked her ceramics with the Spiral logo and the Cyclades signature. This scarf is produced in Italy and finished to the highest standard, offering a luxury piece of mythical Greek design.

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