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CLON8 Day And Night Inner Dress


A-Line Dress from Platho collection

Cotton 100% Luxury Poplin
Stand Up Collar

Style it with CLON8 Day And Night Wrap Dress.


CLON8 Day And Night Inner Dress is an elegant and effortlessly chic and overtly contemporary piece from Platho collection. In pure white, the Day and Night Inner dress is beautiful worn as a separate as well as layered beneath CLON8 Day And Night Wrap Dress. With a chic stand up collar and plunging neckline, the design combines the effortlessness of a shirt dress with a contemporary, fitted structure. With chic A-line shaping and long sleeves, the dress falls to above the knee. The model size is height: 1.70 cm, bust: 83.82 cm, waist: 68.57 cm, hips: 101.60 cm

CLON8 Spring-Summer 2019 inspired by the word Platho. The Greek verb platho which means to mould or to give form is the root of the word Plastic. Thus, from a broader aspect, we surrounded by plastic both directly and metaphorically, we shape, define and give form to everything, not merely around us but likewise within us, our inner self our very own reality.

CLON8 is a unique brand with a distinct identity, known for its intricate patterning techniques, re-worked fabrics, its strong shapes and lines, where organic, natural influences are always present. The thing that makes CLON8’ s garments unique is that they can be personalised in original ways, helping women to communicate their complex characters. Our innovative clothes are purposely designed to be versatile; they can be adapted to create different and fresh looks, as we want women to be able to express their moods, their impulses, their spontaneity.

Raised in Greece – a country famous for its philosophy, art and drama – the designer Angelika Chilikova was immersed in its deep-thinking and religious culture, its rocky landscapes and breathtaking vistas. Drawing on this rich past, Angelika offers us a deep relationship with the earth and its elements through her use of natural, simple and ancient techniques. Now, living and designing in London, Angelika Chilikova is engulfed in the hubbub of a busy capital city, inspired by its pace and energy, yet able to perceive the simple within the complex, the striking within the mundane.



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