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ERGON MYKONOS Thalia Dress Pottery Motifs

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Dress from the Athenians Collection

100% Cotton
Textiles woven on electrical loom
Made in Greece
Loose Fit, One Size

The pattern is originally designed by Ergon Mykonos, inspired by decorative motifs of ancient Greek pottery.

Ergon Mykonos Thalia Dress Pottery Motifs is part of The Athenians collection; a unique collection inspired by the classical motifs and architectural elements of the Golden Age of Athens, dated back in 5th century B.C. In this period sculpture, arts and architecture, flourished in Athens, resulting in the reconstruction of world reknown masterpieces, such the Acropolis of Athens and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

The Athenians collection aspires to unite two forms of art in two Greek historic periods. The Golden Period of ancient Athens around 5th century BC as is illustrated on the red figured vases of that time with the contemporary Greek intense literary spirit of the beginning of the 20th century. Two arts: magnificent handmade pottery and the greatest poetry in Greek literature. The inspiration is prevalent in the ancient runner patterns of the Panathenaia games and in Cavafy’s handwritten “Ithaca” poem. Two arts and two times emerge to describe the journey, the effort, the timeless voyage that comprises life. The designs of the fabrics as well as the colours and patterns showcase these artistic influences and create another form of art merging history, literature and fashion. This dual feeling is what describes the woman of Ergon Mykonos, strong and sensitive, capable and unique, free and yet specific.

Ergon Mykonos Thalia Dress Pottery Motifs is a popular dress that became a carry over style through the years. This dress is every year’s best seller and is impressive in all its variations. Armpit fitted (size usually matters for the arm). The pattern is originally designed by Ergon Mykonos, inspired by decorative motifs of ancient Greek pottery.

Every Ergon Mykonos single design or item invites you to travel in time and the culture of Greece and stands as a piece of art on its own. What makes the brand unique is the use of exclusive, handmade textiles, that follow the Greek technique of the loom which has survived through the centuries.

The story behind each collection by Ergon Mykonos comes from the images and tales of Greek mythology, elements & materials of Greece’s rich past and is customised to the contemporary, minimal aesthetic and artistic glance of the brand’s designer Marietta Karpathiou.

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