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THE ARTIANS Amadryas Dress


Amadryas Dress from the Nymph SS18 collection.

Signature prints inspired by Cycladic art, Greek painters; the colors, forms and patterns used by the ancient Greeks in their frescos and pottery. Pure geometry, clean forms and shapes make this collection unique.


Amadryas Dress from the Nymph SS18 collection. The Artians Nymph collection creates a dialogue of shapes and patterns seen through a new prism reflect a sense of total feminity, discreet yet timeless and glorious, elements related to a contemporary nymph of today. Cycladic figurines flirt with contemporary style geometry while chimaeras and minimal symbols inspired by Greek painters declare loudly their dynamism and purity similar to the one of the white marble that ancient statuettes were made of. A Nymph Symphony, playing with the color palette used by the ancient Greeks in their frescos and pottery, ochre, terracotta, ombre and black and white.

Pure geometry, clean forms and shapes, the lustre of marble, symbolizing the ‘female’, prints full of ‘eros’ and feminity make this collection unique. The collection, prints and pieces of clothing is exclusively designed by Konstantina. Each piece in its term carries with it a musical rhythm which travels your mind. The Artians attempts to reinvent the wardrobe of today’s women. Pulling its rich color patterns, elements from all kind of arts, Greek symbols or just ornate traditional Greek embroideries, honoring the past but seeing it through a new prism gives a new perspective.


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