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Evi Sougkara + Katerina Grigoropoulou


A Future Perfect is a concept brand that embraces experimentation with materials and techniques as well as applications in a wide range of products from homeware, decorative objects to accessories, clothes and jewelry without boundaries in creativity and inspiration.

Among other inspiration sources, Greece their country of origin, as well as Athens, the city they live in have fed their imagination in different ways leading to the production of various of collections.


A Future Perfect is an Athens based concept brand established in 2013 by architects Katerina Grigoropoulou and Evi Sougkara.

The brand proposes a wide variety of products and projects that stretch between the fields of industrial fashion and spatial design., created under the strong influence of the designers’ architectural background, A Future Perfect collections reflect the desire to express creativity freely, without being bounded by a certain territory of design.

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