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Kimon Gkologkinas + Elli Gkologkina + Dimitris Sergentakis


Artpeckers main goal is to spread the Greek heritage and mythology all over the world, using contemporary design language. Geometric shapes and patterns give abstract forms to stories inspired by Greek mythology, tales & customs. Artpeckers design their creations with zeal and devotion bringing Greek stories in life and share them with people who already love them or are willing to.

Twelve collection is their first collection; inspired by the symbols of the Twelve Olympian Gods. This collection consists of a variety of accessories using largely natural materials; handmade in Greece, ready to travel the world by tying Hermes’ lace-up winged sandals, under Apollo’s lyre melody and coziness of Hestia’s fire.


Kimon Gkologkinas has studied civil engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and since 2007, he has been working as a civil engineer. Elli Gkologkina and Dimitris Sergentakis graduated from the Technical University of Crete, both studying architecture; announced IDA gold winner2016 and IDA silver winner2015 at the International Design Awards (IDA).

In September 2015, they set up their own creative studio in Thessaloniki, fulfilling their dream; to design their own creations. The architectural in combination with the engineering studies helped them to give shape to their designs, while Iro could give some final touches through her photograph lens. This is how Artpeckers became real. Their creations have been hosted at selected stores and museum shops, such as Benaki museum and Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art shop.

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