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Eirini Karouzaki


Maritimum (latin for ‘The Maritime’), as in pancratium maritimum – the ‘Sand Lily’. This rare and beautiful flower has a long story, stretching back to Minoan Crete – one of the world’s oldest manifestations of man-made beauty. Maritimum brand is identified with this flower, as it represents the values seen in the women wearing the brand’s luxury embroidered beachwear: class, culture, timelessness, romanticism and elegance.

Digital art is transformed into gorgeously embroidered pieces, through intricate techniques, giving a very refined signature look that exudes luxurious ambiance and charming self-confidence. Made with the world-best Italian lycra fabric, Greek design and handcrafted in Athens – the heart of the Mediterranean – Maritimum provides for the highest possible quality, mesmerizing hand-embroidery and comfortable feel.


Eirini Karouzaki, was born in Germany but raised in Crete, the southern island of Greece. In 2015, she graduated from Middlesex University, in fashion design. After three years she founded the brand Maritimum, included by luxury swimwear. Maritimumʼs founder and creative director, maintains her Greek origins at the heart of her creative process, blending it with features from her many travels, rich cultural heritage and wide horizon.

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