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Dimitra Tampaki


MORPHĒ is a unique brand of groundbreaking 3D printed jewelry designed by architect Dimitra Tampaki. The brand combines digital design with advanced 3D printing technology in order to create dynamic statement pieces. Organic forms are translated into body sculptures and wearable art embracing smoothly the body. They follow the curves and the bones of the human body and are merged to that. This work is about beauty, elegance and exploring digital art forms on the body.

MORPHĒ comes from the Ancient Greek word  “μορφῆ” which refers to the shape and form of an entity.


Architect and Head Designer of MORPHĒ LONDON, Dimitra Tampaki graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in London where she received her MArch in Architecture and Urbanism from Design Research Laboratory – DRL (2014). Since then, she is in a constant research of form finding methodologies, exploring the latest computational design methods and digital fabrication techniques in order to incorporate it into her jewelry line. In 2015 she established MORPHĒ LONDON where all the pieces are treated as body sculptures and wearable art.

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