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Naked Summers

Christina Mandilari


In the intersection of art and fashion, naked summers transforms clothes and accessories into a canvas of expression using the traditional silkscreen printing technique. Christina Mandilari transfers her paintings on organic textiles and dresses us up with her artworks. In this way everyone can carry around a real piece of art, a piece of romance, a piece of summer.

The illustrations are breathing erotism and are focussing on the human figure. The inspiration arrived from the work of great greek painters and poets of the 20th century. They resemble tales as there is a clear combination of motives originating both from the mythological and the contemporary sphere, all evolving around the lyricism of feelings, the peaceful and joyful moments of the mediterranean lifestyle. Each one is a sequence of a movie, a song, a lyric of a poem.

naked summers suggests a different avenue to the way we perceive fashion. By producing exclusively on demand, the brand and aims to bridge the gab between the creator and the consumer. The items are being handmade directly for the buyer, as opposed to the impersonal mass production of our days. In addition, naked summers’ collections of handmade design pieces are manufactured with sustainable material and respect towards nature.


naked summers is the brainchild of painter and graphic designer Christina Mandilari, born and raised in Greece. Following her Archaeological and Art History studies, Christina moved to Berlin where she worked as an artist, curator and cultural manager for the past five years before returning to Greece. She has experimented with various art forms and techniques. Her art subjects have always been inspired by the greek history and culture and its impact on the contemporary art and way of living worldwide.

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