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Nefelia | The Greek Designers

Nefelia jewelry is inspired by forms and shapes of Greek Architecture and Art. They are represented through the jewelry with creases, folds and literal figures, so as the collection is found to be reminiscent of Classical Greece. Geometry and pure symmetry, free unattached forms but also solid structures with reliefs, all drive us closer to our origin, Greece. Plexiglass and brass, are the materials used and characterize once more the brand.

Topos is the latest collection of the jewelry brand. Topos is the Greek name for location. Metaphorically though it suggests origin. Thus, this collection represents the designer’s feelings and memories over her origin, Greece.


After studying Architecture BA(Hons) in Glasgow/ MA in Brighton universities, Nefeli Papanagiotou, the designer behind Nefelia, attended studies in fashion design, in Akto design school. These helped her to switch from Architecture to design in order to work in smaller creative projects. With the culture of the architect, her brand travels outside the Greek borders, participating in international design fairs.

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