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Maria Olga Vlachou


‘Digitally Handcrafted’

POSTFOLK is a digital handicraft, a digital embroidery, inspired by the design potential of folk art motifs. These motifs have formed part of the graphical lexicon of traditional Greek culture for many generations, but are now an object of mostly curatorial or antiquarian interest. POSTFOLK wants to unlock the potential that these wonderful figures have for contemporary design by dislodging or dislocating the motifs from the aesthetic conventions that once defined them in order to render them afresh. It seeks to infuse these motifs with vibrant new colors in a bold palette and to arrange these elements in new ways.


Maria Olga Vlachou is the designer of the digitally handcrafted brand, graduated from the Doxiadis School of Art with a BA in Graphic Design and a BA in Interior Design.

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