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  • Maritimum: Spirit of Nymphs

    Maritimum Nymphs SS19 luxury swimwear collection is inspired by the magical creatures of the Greek mythology, Nymphs. The free divine spirits of the past have met with the ancient Minoan culture. Shop Maritimum Nymphs   Colors such as maroon, purple, snorkel blue, dusty pink and black, the prevailing colors of womenswear of the day are …

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  • Maritimum : Lilies of Innocence

    Maritimum, latin for ‘The Maritime’, as in pancratium maritimum – the ‘Sand Lily’. This rare and beautiful flower has a long story, stretching back to Minoan Crete – one of the world’s oldest manifestations of man-made beauty. Maritimum brand is identified with this flower, as it represents the values seen in the women wearing the …

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