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  • Ergon Mykonos : Hellenistic spirit

    The ancient Greek aesthetics cover centuries and are defined by philosophical arguments. This connection of philosophy, science, architecture and beauty has always been the core of Ergon Mykonos. The SS18 collection Hellenes is inspired and has ‘blossomed’ through the spirit of the Hellenistic period. Ergon Mykonos Hellenes SS18 The theory of beauty in the Hellenistic …

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  • The Artians : Nymph symphony

    A Nymph symphony, playing with the color palette used by the ancient Greeks in their frescos and pottery, ochre, terracotta, ombre and black and white. The Artians Nymph collection creates a dialogue of shapes and patterns seen through a new prism. The Artians NYMPH SS18 The Artians NYMPH SS18 The Artians NYMPH SS18 Cycladic figurines …

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