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  • LoveGreece.com presents The Greek Designers | Interview

    LoveGreece.com presents The Greek Designers | Interview

    ‘A creation, from architecture to product and fashion design, remains timeless as it comes up with a strong design concept and definitely Greece with a history of 3500 years is the leading storyteller on this.’   Discover the Concept Story behind the Creation of THE GREEK DESIGNERS®. The first curated online platform to promote globally products …

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  • Yannis Tseklenis : The Greek Designer

    International fashion editors of the time, such as Bernadine Morris (New York Times), Sally Kirkland (Life Magazine), Eugenia Sheppard (International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times) entitled him ‘The Greek Designer’ praising his work; research projects on his thematic collections, accredited Yannis Tseklenis as the artist and businessman who pioneered Greek fashion to the contemporary international fashion world introducing a global market for …

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