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  • Postfolk: Summer motifs

    Postfolk effectively expresses its DNA in its name, post such as after, folk like the abreviation of folklore. When design is re-imagining Greek art and its folkloric motifs, the past revives in a current and modern collection of digitally handcrafted beach accessories. Postfolk Luxury Beach Accessories Greek female figures, warrior, ancestral or floral archetypal motifs, the drawings …

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  • Postfolk : Digital embroidery

    Postfolk is a digital handicraft, a digital embroidery, inspired by the design potential of folk art motifs. Maria Olga Vlachou is the designer of the digitally handcrafted brand, re-collecting memories from greek folk culture. The collection includes textiles, homeware and limited edition art prints. | interview by Anna Baniora | MA, Fashion Business Management | …

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