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  • Anaktae: Neo-Archaic Concepts

    From ancient Greece to art deco, mid-century modernism to contemporary minimalism, ANAKTAE influences are deep and diverse. Every limited-edition item is hand-made by master craftsmen in Greece, creating statement pieces that are both exclusive and unique. ANAKTAE Proetus Series Bookends   Everything ANAKTAE do is defined by a neo-archaic aesthetic, a process of abstraction where …

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  • Postfolk: Summer motifs

    Postfolk effectively expresses its DNA in its name, post such as after, folk like the abreviation of folklore. When design is re-imagining Greek art and its folkloric motifs, the past revives in a current and modern collection of digitally handcrafted beach accessories. Postfolk Luxury Beach Accessories Greek female figures, warrior, ancestral or floral archetypal motifs, the drawings …

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  • Meet The Cat: Unfold space

    Meticulously worked, with a precision in the detail, Meet The Cat Unfold collection is an attempt to answer the question of how inner space alters the shape and essence of something. Inspired by Greek mythology and architecture, the brand prefers to focus on the world of geometry, perfect shapes and play with circles, semicircles, lines. MEET THE CAT …

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  • Meraki Summer Collection The Greek Designers

    Meraki: the Léxis Essence

    Meraki is the Greek word that describes the soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself in your work. In this concept, words gain power, to be discovered and express everyday feelings through Meraki ‘s latest bag collection. MERAKI SUMMER COLLECTION Danish, Swedish, Japanese… names chosen as random, each one give to the …

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  • Ergon Mykonos: The Athenians

    Ergon Mykonos: The Athenians figure

    Inspired by two important periods of Greece’s history: on one hand the Golden Period of Ancient Athens, on the other hand the intellectual and poetic literary current of the last century, The Athenians collection by Ergon Mykonos is an artistic link, an interpretation of two influences that hundreds of centuries separate. ERGON MYKONOS THE ATHENIANS COLLECTION …

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  • Kalliniki Sandals Kymatismos Collection

    Kalliniki: Kymatismos patterns

    The sea has largely inspired the latest collection of leather sandals signed by Kalliniki. Elegant and minimalist, they are available in natural and basic colors such as white, beige, black, but also silver, like the reflection of the sun on the sea. Kymatismos collection plays with cutout patterns, changing and undulating like waves. Each pair …

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  • Artpeckers : Odyssey motifs

    The Artpeckers Odyssey collection is a series of statement prints beach accessories, inspired by the Odysseus’s adventures, part of the mythology history, narrated by Homer. The creations express themselves by their forms, by their materials, by the drawing. An identity borrowed from tradition, recognizable throughout the world. ARTPECKERS ODYSSEY COLLECTION From waterproof scuba beach pouches to …

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  • Maritimum: Spirit of Nymphs

    Maritimum Nymphs SS19 luxury swimwear collection is inspired by the magical creatures of the Greek mythology, Nymphs. The free divine spirits of the past have met with the ancient Minoan culture. Shop Maritimum Nymphs   Colors such as maroon, purple, snorkel blue, dusty pink and black, the prevailing colors of womenswear of the day are …

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  • The Artians Dyas Shop New Collection

    The Artians: Dyas elements

    The Artians Dyas collection explores the paths and symbols of Ancient Greece through their journey in Greek architectural classicism. The Artians Dyas SS19 Collection Born in the 1900s, this rhythm is characterized by the revelation of Ancient Greek elements brought in it with a deep knowledge of the ancient world. The Artians Dyas SS19 Collection …

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  • LoveGreece.com presents The Greek Designers | Interview

    LoveGreece.com presents The Greek Designers | Interview

    ‘A creation, from architecture to product and fashion design, remains timeless as it comes up with a strong design concept and definitely Greece with a history of 3500 years is the leading storyteller on this.’   Discover the Concept Story behind the Creation of THE GREEK DESIGNERS®. The first curated online platform to promote globally products …

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