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ERGON MYKONOS Souliotissa Dress


Dress from the 1821 Evolution collection

100% Woven Cotton
Textiles woven on electrical loom
Made in Greece

Design pattern made exclusively by ergon mykonos team, inspired by 1821 Greek revolution; a tribute to the 200 years of Greece’s liberation from 400 years of slavery by the Ottoman Empire.

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Ergon Mykonos Souliotissa Dress is part of 1821 Evolution collection inspired by the painters of the revolution during the early 19th century, who left behind an enormous heritage for the generations to come. SS21 is a tribute to the 200 years of Greece’s liberation from 400 years of slavery by the Ottoman Empire.
The inspiration for Ergon Mykonos 1821 Evolution comes from a research of the history and the scenes depicted with ‘journalistic detail’ on the canvases by Eugene Delacroix, William Turner, August Vinson, Nikolaos Gyzis, and many others. The textiles and designs emerge to revive a kind of tableau vivant composed by the pleats of foustanela skirt and tsarouxi shoes worn from the heroes prepared for war, the Agamemnon boat owned by the heroic figure of Bouboulina and the jewelry pattern designed on the blouses of Greeks during that time. This year’s narrative is an anniversary to freedom; an opportunity for redefinition; a tribute to the female figure of the time. Strongly artistic and symbolic this new empowering collection serves as a stylistic dialogue that joins the past with the present.
Malamatenia is wearing Souliotissa dress, named after the women of Souli. No need for special events to wear this unique piece. It has a two pattern combination separating the top and the flared skirt that sways gracefully with every step. It is made from 100% Greek cotton woven on electrical loom and its design pattern is created by ‘ergon Mykonos team. Team yours with a pair of leather sandals and a tennis hat.
Pattern inspiration: “1821”  is a pattern conceived as a “heroic mosaic” composed by different emblems taken from the Greek revolution. Almost like an abstract design the pattern depicts the year of the revolution 1821, the tsarouxi shoe, the scimitar and the fez. Available in three different colors, mauve, yellow, pink. Pattern inspiration: “pietes” pattern is inspired by the pleats of the traditional fustanella skirt, conceived as if painted on canvas. Style inspiration: combining two ideas in one style, Souliotissa is inspired on the upper part  by the jackets that intellectuals used to wear and at the bottom part by the  traditional fustanella skirt worn by Greek guerilla groups such as the klepths and armatoloi. Fustanella was a suitable garment for guerrilla mountain units and is the typical skirt of the evzonoi.
Every Ergon Mykonos single design or item invites you to travel in time and the culture of Greece and stands as a piece of art on its own. What makes the brand unique is the use of exclusive, handmade textiles, that follow the Greek technique of the loom which has survived through the centuries. Respecting our planet and responding to the shifting needs of fashion the brand has adopted a made-to-order production cycle and we produce on demand your orders. Please allow up to 3-5 working days for garments to be created.
The story behind each collection by Ergon Mykonos comes from the images and tales of Greek mythology, elements & materials of Greece’s rich past and is customised to the contemporary, minimal aesthetic and artistic glance of the brand’s designer Marietta Karpathiou.

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