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  • Aphrodite In The Spotlight | Moodboard

    The moodboard is a creative synthesis inspired by Aphrodite, the ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty. The undisputed model of female beauty remains timeless through the masterpiece Aphrodite of Milos also known as Venus de Milo.  Aphrodite of Milos, also known as Venus De Milo | One of the most famous Greek statues of the Hellenistic period, …

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  • Winterscapes: Kastoria | Moodboard

    The moodboard is a creative synthesis inspired by the city of Kastoria in Western Macedonia, Greece, and its long fur tradition, counting more than 500 years. Surrounded by the high Pindus Mountains, the streets and countless steps cling to the thin stem of a mushroom-shaped peninsula that nearly bisects a large lake, Lake Orestiada which was …

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  • Holiday Special Gift Edition

    Let the festive season begin! Indulge yourself and your beloved ones with special gift ideas, inspired by Greek history & culture. Shop the Holiday Special Gift Edition curated by THE GREEK DESIGNERS ®. Exclusively Online | Shipping Worldwide. ANAKTAE The Althaea Collection Kori Jewelry Boxes MEET THE CAT Embroidery Necklace ALEXQUISITE Pure Mink Pouch Black …

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  • Cityscapes: Thessaloniki | Moodboard

    October. This is the month when Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki, is blossomed through the cultural vibes of Dimitria Festival. This moodboard is a creative synthesis inspired by Thessaloniki history and cultural identity, imprinted in selected designers’ creations to complete your outfit and home style. The imposing bronze statue of Alexander the Great riding his faithful …

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  • Alexquisite One | The Greek Designers

    Alexquisite : Handcrafted in ONE

    Alexquisite stands for superior quality, handmade leather goods and intelligent design that is tailor-made to the needs and tastes of a contemporary, mobile aesthete. The core principle of Alexquisite’s design ethos is soft design — a design language that blends together practicality and function with intuitive beauty and a playful involvement of all the senses.  Each piece is carefully …

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