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  • Summer Style 04. Exploration | Moodboard

    Visiting Greece? This moodboard is a synthesis of statement key- pieces to pack with; sourcing inspiration from the maritime scenes depicted on Minoan frescoes and pottery in Crete. Dolphin fresco. A marine scene depicting dolphins composed symmetrically with fishes in the interstices and clusters of sponges around the periphery. Minoan civilization. 1800-1400 BC. Knossos palace, Megaron of the Queen. Archaeological …

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  • Timeless Female Figure

    An important feature of the Minoan culture is the social status afforded to women. Not only were women respected, they were also given positions of authority. One reason is that Minoan culture was very dependent on the children that women gave birth. Even the female deities of the Minoan religion seem to be dominant and …

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