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  • The Forever Summer Aura | Sale Up To 50%

    If you decompose Greece, you’ll end up with an olive tree, a grapevine and a ship. With just as much, you can make her anew.  Odysseas Elytis … it is the Aegean world that provides Elytis with his images. Images of the sea and the sun, its evocations of more than three thousand years of history. It’s difficult not to …

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  • Summer Style 01. Patterns | Moodboard

    Visiting Greece? This moodboard is a synthesis of statement key- pieces to pack with; sourcing inspiration from the relaxed summertime on Greek islands. From sandy beaches and strolls on the cobbled paths of picturesque villages to beach bars and eclectic nightlife, make sure to be equipped with these stylish, yet comfortable attire from day to …

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