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  • Samantha Sotos : Eleftheria · Irini · Sofia · Agapi

    Four women. Free, peaceful, wise and loving. Confident, compassionate, strong and capable. They take control of their life. With great liberty, Eleftheria is free to walk, do and be as she pleases. Sofia finds wisdom in her troubles and cautiously assesses her next move. Agapi is loving and is a key link to their unity. …

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  • The Art of Making, Red Dress

    The Art of Making, Red Dress from Deep Green Sea on Vimeo. The Art of Fashion Design | Featured: Greek-Australian Fashion Designer Samantha Sotos Video credits: Deep Green Sea “Love what you do and believe in what you do” Samantha Sotos Samantha was born in Australia from Greek parents. She decided to fulfil her dream …

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