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Sofia Daniilidou + Thomas Vietzke


Systemalab is derived from the Greek word σύστημα systēma, ‘whole compounded of several parts or members, system’, literary ‘composition’ and an abbreviation of laboratory. It is a studio for experimental aesthetics within the field of Design. Two equally important elements constitute the source of inspiration. The mediterranean landscape with its idyllic scenery, brimful of nature and architecture, pattern and form, material and structure, colors and shades, was a bottomless source of ideas.


Systemalab owes its existence to the deep interest and research on pattern and form that stems from the common architectural background of the two co-founders, Sofia Daniilidou and Thomas Vietzke, who met working together at Zaha Hadid’s Studio in London. In fact architecture provides a strong foundation for the creation of forms that range from archetypical to purely experimental and organic. From big scale objects, such as buildings, to small scale ones, such as jewelry pieces.

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