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  • CLON8 : Platho ƒórmes

    CLON8 Spring Summer 2019 is inspired by the word ‘Platho’. The Greek verb ‘platho‘ which means ‘to mould’ or ‘to give form’ is the root of the word ‘Plastic’. Thus, from a broader aspect, we are surrounded by plastic both directly and metaphorically, we shape, define and give form to everything, not merely around us …

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  • Clon8 : Meteora suspension

    Deriving inspiration from the spiritual connection she has with her native Greek homeland, the main idea behind SS16 collection, developed from Angelika Chilikova’s powerful creative bond with the architectural patterns of Meteora. Considered one of the most important complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries in Greece, the unique structures from stone and wood appear to be …

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