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  • Mary Katrantzou: de-codes Amphora symbol

    Mary Katrantzou combines the ancient with the hyper-modern, fusing classicism with futurism and sixties art. Ancient artefacts are warped through op-art designs, mapped across the topography of the body to create new focal points and emphasis. The New Classical collection marks a return to her trademark of trompe l’oeil prints, technically superlative across hourglass-seamed dresses …

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  • Mary Katrantzou: de-codes Greek Key symbol

    An embrace of her own culture background recontextualises Katrantzou’s signatures: her prints, her silhouettes, her heritage. The language is Mary Katrantzou, but the key is Greek. Continuing her exploration of textile innovation, fluid chainmail is mounted with lace and overprinted, exposing frames of psychedelic infused figures with hourglass silhouettes pulled in and keyed close to …

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  • Mary Katrantzou: de-codes Mycenaean figure

    In exploring the cultural signature of her Hellenic heritage, Mary Katrantzou was drawn into the archives, digging through her creative past to establish her own cannon of classics. Mycenaean pottery patterns and frescoes are used to decorate garments in New Classical SS17. New Classical De-codes Mycenaean figure   The Mycenaeans were influenced by the earlier …

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  • Mary Katrantzou: de-codes Minoan figure

    For New Classical SS17 Mary Katrantzou looked introspectively to Greece, the country of her birth. Exploring its rich history, mythology and culture, she dug deep into her own work. This collection is an archaeological exploration, unearthing the classics of Katrantzou. The ancient civilization of the Minoans gave initial inspiration. Their culture, as we experience it …

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  • Aphroditē • is on Catwalk

    Mary Katrantzou spring collection for modern Aphroditē GIF-ied by artist GIFENCHY source: Moving the Still  

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  • Mary Katrantzou – Walking Clock

    Mary Katrantzou – Walking Clock from Good Ideas Club on Vimeo.

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