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Maxi cut
Low cut open back with large bow tie
Long sleeves
Button fastening through front
100% Art silk

Handmade in Greece.


The Artians Mitos Dress from Dikti SS20 collection, inspired by the dominant women of Minoan Crete who lived thousands years ago. Between 3000 and 1500 B.C. a fascinating mysterious civilization developed on the island of Crete in the Aegean Sea which later vanished. As Minos then ruled this realm, we refer to Minoan Crete when trying to describe what we know about this people and era. Many images of women suggest that Crete was a matriarchy where women, having equal status to men, occupied a significant place in society. Predominant, as depicted in their art, are also goddesses and priestesses.

The Artians attempts to reinvent the wardrobe of today’s women. Pulling its rich color patterns, elements from all kind of arts, Greek symbols or just ornate traditional Greek embroideries, honoring the past but seeing it through a new prism gives a new perspective. The Signature style of Konstantina is the exclusively printed luxurious clothing bearing a visual language in order to be desirable and flattering, creating something innovative and something that women will appreciate for its intelligent design aesthetic as well as its function.


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