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  • The Artians: Minoan Dikti

    The Artians SS20 Dikti collection borrows its name from the Dikti mountain range in Lassithi, on Crete island. According to greek mythology the word ‘dikti’ means the birthplace of Zeus. For the concept brand The Artians it symbolizes the birthplace of desire and inspiration of creating Dikti collection. A collection of garments made exclusively to be …

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  • The Artians Dyas Shop New Collection

    The Artians: Dyas elements

    The Artians Dyas collection explores the paths and symbols of Ancient Greece through their journey in Greek architectural classicism. The Artians Dyas SS19 Collection Born in the 1900s, this rhythm is characterized by the revelation of Ancient Greek elements brought in it with a deep knowledge of the ancient world. The Artians Dyas SS19 Collection …

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  • New Season • New Collections

    Launching New Season Spring/ Summer ’19 with New Collections of Unique Identity. Our team curates THE GREEK DESIGNERS ® Official Concept Store  to deliver selected Greek Designers’ collections, distinguished for their bold design concept, architectural forms and high end aesthetics. CLON8 • Platho Collection CLON8 Spring Summer 2019 is inspired by the word ‘Platho’. The Greek verb ‘platho‘ which …

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  • Summer Style 03. Forms | Moodboard

    Visiting Greece? This moodboard is a synthesis of statement key- pieces to pack with; sourcing inspiration from the dynamic forms and fluidity of Hellenistic masterpieces, like Nike of Samothrace. Airy forms in clothing, sculpted accessories made of unconventional materials and cut- out patterns with symbolism, are the contemporary voyager’s style statement. To explore the mysterious island of The Great Gods, …

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  • The Artians : Nymph symphony

    A Nymph symphony, playing with the color palette used by the ancient Greeks in their frescos and pottery, ochre, terracotta, ombre and black and white. The Artians Nymph collection creates a dialogue of shapes and patterns seen through a new prism. The Artians NYMPH SS18 The Artians NYMPH SS18 The Artians NYMPH SS18 Cycladic figurines …

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  • Olympians of Karpathos | Moodboard

    The moodboard draws inspiration from Olympos of Karpathos. According to a local myth, the first inhabitants of the island loved their home so much that kidnapped the Olympian Gods from Mount Olympus and brought them to live with them to the highest mountain of Karpathos, named Olympus after them. Therefore they were called Arpathei (those [...] More  →
  • The Artians : Sayades costumes

    The Artians Sayades SS17 sources its inspiration from the traditional Greek costumes of the early 1900’s; the diversity of the ‘tribes’ who relocated themselves from the mountains to the seaside bringing with them their cultural background and traditions. Something that really intrigued the designer Konstantina Kampisopoulou to create this collection was that each costume depicted …

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  • The Artians : daedalus Op Art

    The Op Athens collection draws inspiration from a treasure chest of aesthetic references. Op art which relies on optical illusions, relating geometric designs that create feelings of movement was the major influence in creating the Op Athens collection AW2016 . Optical, being a word of Greek origin triggered the Artians to look deeper and decode …

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